Rapid Rivets in Brass (Gold) and Antique Brass (Vintage Style)

We have again expanded the variation of colours of our rapid rivets for you. From now you can order these rivets in colours brass (gold coloured) and antique brass (vintage style).

The advantage for you: You can choose the colour of the rivets matching to your paper clip and thus you get a coherent overall picture. Especially important if you want to use the clipboard as a menu or for decorative purposes.

The advantages of rapid rivets in gold and rapid rivets in antique brass:

- Easy and secure attachment of paper clips and other mechanisms

- Suitable colour to your product

Our rapid rivets with closed feet are the first choice when it comes to securing paper clips on a clipboard or ring mechanisms in a folder. Rapid rivets are also popular for creating booklets.

 Rivets for producing of booklets

Rivets for fastening paper clips Easy fastening with our riveting tools
The closed-bottomed rapid rivets are closed on both sides which is providing a clean finish on the top and bottom of your product.
Fastening paper clips or other mechanisms is very easy. You only need to press the two parts of the rapid rivets into each other for this purpose.
You can do this with a hammer or even better with our riveting tools. The advantage here: You can also attach the rivets at hard to reach places. In addition only with the tools the shape of the rivets is preserved.
Our rapid rivets with closed foot are available in silver, black anodized, black, copper and now brand new also in gold and antique brass. This gives you the opportunity to choose the colour-matching rivets for all board clips from our range and to obtain a colour-coordinated overall picture. Especially important if the clipboard is to be used as a menu or for decorative purposes. If you use the rivets to make booklets you now have even more options for designing for example invitation cards.
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