Foldback clips

Foldback clips - the little everyday heroes

Foldback clips are primarily used for stapling loose sheets of paper and are characterized by their very easy handling. These practical everyday heroes can do so much more.

The advantages of our foldback clips are briefly summarized for you:

- very practical and easy to use

- countless applications

- available in 6 different sizes

Foldback clips are available in 6 different sizes. It is therefore possible to bind individual sheets of paper as well as thicker stacks with the help of foldback clips.
The foldback clips are also particularly practical in their handling. The clip can be opened by squeezing the wire wings. If the clip is then attached to the paper, you can fold the wings in the direction of the paper. Thus, the wire wings are no longer beyond the edge of the paper and can no longer be a hindrance to the handling of the stack.

Binding of papers

Filing of brochures and catalogs Hanging up cards and pictures
However, foldback clips can not only be used to bind loose sheets of paper.
The Internet is full of examples of creative people, what you can do with this practical clip. We have compiled a few examples for you:

Thicker brochures or catalogues are difficult to punch and therefore can hardly be filed. Just fix two foldback clips onto the catalogue and you'll be able to file the catalogue on the wire wings of the foldback clips.

Use foldback clips as a hanger for pictures, menu cards or posters. On the wire wings of the foldback clips they can hang up perfectly.

Setting up place and menu cards

As a handy cable holder Clamping photos and cards
Use the larger foldback clips as a stand for place or menu cards. Simply clamp on the card and fold the wire wings. The map can be placed already on the flat surface of the foldback clip.

The foldback clips can also be used very well as a cable holder. For example, clip the foldback clips to the desk or keyboard. Already you can pull the plugs through the wire wings and now have a practical cable holder.
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