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From many years of experience and work as bookbinder this online shop for your creative work and action was developed.



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Pen Holders - Not only for folders

Our pen holders are proven because with them the search for the required writing instrument has finally come to an end and your pen is always at hand. Classically our pen holders are fixed in folders or on clipboards. However the shown customer application shows that a pen holder is also useful for many other applications. 

Your advantages with our pen holders: 

- No annoying searching for a pen 

- Writing instruments securely attached 

- Many variants also the right one for you 

We supported the development of the Tracer One with our pen holders. An innovative marking gauge. A marking gauge is often used in woodworking. It allows the repeatable indication of dimensions for example to mark holes with exact distances to the edges. An extremely useful tool for processing wood, metal or other materials. 

Tracer One a useful tool for marking

Pen holders made of metal in many different designs Pen holders made of plastic an many different colours
The innovative marking gauge has built in interesting details like our pen holder. As a result you always have the pencil you need for marking ready to hand. This saves valuable time because the search for the required writing instrument has finally come to an end with our pen holders. 
The pens are securely fixed in our pen holder and cannot be lost anymore. Ideal if you carry the writing instrument with you in the breast pocket, in folders, on clipboards or on tools. 
But there are also many situation in the office / company or at home where a pen is constantly needed to note, document or sign something. Everywhere a pen holder is worth, because the search for a pen ends with pen holders. Attach a pen holder on monitors, machines, shelves, whiteboards or on the refrigerator. 
We offer a large selection of different pen holders. For thick and thin pens. Self-adhesive, for riveting or for attaching. Made of metal or plastic.
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