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Bookdarts, the special bookmark – hold your thoughts

Easter is coming and the spring is shining in all of his beauty. It is very inviting to read a good book in the garden or on the balcony by nice weather. Our new bookdarts help you to not lose your page. Learn more of the advantages of our appealing and handy bookmark.

Some of the advantages of bookdarts:

- No falling out of the book through easy fasten on the page

- Mark an exact line without damaging the book

- Mark more parts into the book thanks to the thin design of the bookdarts

- Perfect as a little present for your family, friends or colleagues 

Because of their graceful look the bookdarts are a real eye catcher among the bookmarks. And despite that very handy and easy to use.

You can mark the exact line

Book Darts can not fall out  You can mark many sites
Thanks to the curved form and the copper plating, the bookdart looks very noble and is also very easy to use. They have a little raising for an easy fastening on the pages. In this way the bookdarts guarantee a safe hold and can´t fall out like common bookmarks. 
Mark an exact line or paragraph without using a highlighter and damaging the book is only possible with our bookdarts. 
Because they are made of metal they get an attractive look and have a very long-lasting-life. 
The thin design looks good but also makes it possible to use more than one bookdart on the same page to mark an exact part on the page. Perfect for pupils and students during a literature review. 
Bookdarts can be used as a bookmark or also as a noble paper clip. Loose paper can be attached to a diary to hold your notes, dates, ideas and thoughts. 
Let your creativity and fantasy free and create some presents or decorations with our bookdarts. For example attach cards or coupons to a gift with them. 
The bookdarts are perfect as a little gift for eastern. Make your friends, family or colleagues happy with some bookdarts.  
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