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ID–Cardholder and ID–Clips

At work, university, on a fair or home. ID–Cardholders are always useful to protect ID´s, bankcard, business card and other documents in credit card format. With the right ID–Clip the ID–Cardholder can be fitted easily, safe and visible on your clothes.

 The advantages of our ID–Cardholder and ID–Clips:

- Protect your cards against pollution and damage

- Easy fitting of the cards on clothes, direct visible

- Cards are handy all the time. No searching or loosing


 You are at work and need your ID for identifying or time tracking? With our ID–Cardholder made of hard plastic your ID is safe stowed and protected against damage or pollution. 
In combination with our ID–Clip you can fit the ID–Cardholder on your breast pocket, button tape or pocket. So is the ID-Card always handy and good visible. In stress situations you save up time and nerves because you do not have to search for the card. Because the ID-Cardholders are clear, integrated chips and barcodes can be read through the ID-Cardholder. 

Card always handy

Reliable protection against dust,  pollution and scratches. Scan, because of clear colour possible.
Our ID–Clips convince with a high quality processing and guarantee a safe fit on your clothes. The ID–Cardholders are fitted safe. Losing your cards is almost impossible. 
But also in the daily use the ID-Cardholder and ID-Clip are very useful. Protect your important cards like bankcard, ID-Card, driver license etc. with our ID-Cardholder against dust, dirt and scratches. Your card is safe and can be stowed easy in and get easy out again. With our additional ID-Clips the cards can be clipped to calendars or bulletin boards and never forget where you left your card.
Our ID-Clips made of plastic are available in different colours. The ID-Cardholders are available in a harder and a softer case and compatible for the common size of a bankcard (54x86mm).

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