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Friday for future – Save the bees!

In the spirit of Friday for future we would like to present you our little contribution for the protection of the environment.  
“When the bee disappears from earth, the human got 4 years left to life. No bees anymore, no pollination anymore, no plants anymore, no animals anymore, no humans anymore.”
Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist
Bees pollinate blossoms. Every kid knows that but only the least know that our whole food supply depends from these little bees. 

Without this little assistant our ecosystem would suffer dramatically consequences. The decrease of the natural pollination would lead to that we have to do as good as without products like apples, cherries, pears, tomatoes and so on. The food for farm animal would get shorter and the production quantity of meat would decrease much. 

How televised heavily in these days the dying rate of bees increases more and more. We have to blame pesticides, monocultures, pests, diseases which lead to a weak immune system of the little farm animals. 
The natural pollination through insect’s can´t be replaced by other methods and if the bees get instinct it would have global consequences for everyone. 

Delivery of our beehive

The bee house (prey) gets mounted The home for our new employees
True to the motto be(e) responsible we want to be responsible for our environment and giving the nature something back. Therefore we have given a bee population a new home on our company premises to prevent the decrease of the bee population.

Our new employees survived the journey well and feel comfortable and have already begun their pollination work.

The start and landing ramp is already busy

Even in the inside the little assistants are diligent The honey production is running on full speed
Sustainability, Climate protection and a general better environmental awareness are important than never before and in the time of Climate change, global warming and our consume behaviour it plays a big role for our future generations. Because they have the same right of a green and healthy planet. Bees have a big impact in this case. That is why we want to help and want to encourage you to help. Everybody can affect something – even with small things!

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