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Paperclips round - noble, durable and versatile

The advantages of Paperclips round:

- Elegant

- Dimensionally stable

- Practically

The design of our paperclips round is so well received that you can acces them more and more often, and once used, the paperclip round is also indispensable.
Always make a good impression
For creative ideas

For easy fastening

The spiral-shaped paper clips can be used for years as the round brackets do not deform, as is the case with traditional paper clips. Our paper clips are either brass or nickel plated to prevent rusting. This is also means, that your documents will not be contaminated with rust marks. 
From everyday office life we all know the well-tried paper clips. Often, however, these were no longer useful after mission, as they had bent.This is different with our paper clips round, they can not bend so easily. Due to their elegant design, the paper clips round are also often used no attach notes or schedules to a magnetic surface.

The paper clip round are not only a practical help in the daily work, also in private sector, the spiral-shaped paper clips can be used. You want to apply in a company and attract attention? Provide your application documents with the brass paper clip round. Your application is guaranteed to catch your eye. 
Invitations look especially elegant when you attach additional information with our paper clips round. As bookmarks in your books they are decorative and functional. Even when designing name cards on set tables our paper clips round provide a visual highlight. 

Now a decoration idea: You can also turn the paper clip into a hanger for your Christmas or Easter decoration. Just put the clip on the Christmas ornament or the star and hang it on the Christmas tree. You can do the same with the Easter decorations.
Your zipper is no longer correct because the small metal clip on the closure is broken? Simply replace it with a paperclip round and the functionality is restored.
Paperclips round<br>20 mm diameter<br>nickel plated

Paperclips round
20 mm diameter
nickel plated

Art.Nr.: SPC 100
0,07 EUR
( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )
Paperclips round<br>20 mm diameter<br>brass plated

Paperclips round
20 mm diameter
brass plated

Art.Nr.: SPC 100 M
0,07 EUR
( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )
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