Genius clamps put an end to paper chaos

The name Genius stands for genial und schnell (genius and fast). That’s true because Genius clamps allow to bind punched sheets very quickly and easily and then archive the bound in a file folder. This is how you create order in your documents. Better than any other file mechanism.

Your advantages with our file mechanisms Genius clamp:

- Easy binding of perforated leaves

- Fast filing in a folder

- One-piece, attractive design

Genius clamps are also known as noegeni clamps (noch einfacher gehts nicht / It could not be easier). The Noegeni / Genius clamps are metal strips that can be used to bind perforated leaves.

 Bind perforated papers siply

Fast without cover plate Archive binded papers in a folder
In contrast to a conventional file mechanism the Genius clamp consists of only one part which makes the handling much easier. There is no need to thread an additional cover strip.
Just like a conventional plastic fastener Genius clamps can be filed in a file folder.
In this way you can easily create order in your documents. Papers that belong together can be bind with the Genius clamp and later archive the stacks into a file folder. Already all documents are safe and tidy stowed.

Of course also other things such as paper clips or staples can be used to bind single sheets. But in our opinion the Genius clamp is the best option for this application. Paper clips can fall off easily. Staples are not easy to remove and damage the documents.

Genius clamps are made of metal and therefore convince by their higher durability as well as by their attractive design. Especially in comparison to conventional file mechanisms made of plastic.

Due to the design of the Genius clamps it requires less space in the folder. The holes for filing in the folder are right next to the file prongs to bind the papers. Thus you can use the Genius clamps not only in large folders but also in smaller folders. With other file mechanisms the leaves would stick out of the folder.
Genius-clamp<br>filing strips<br>gold colored

filing strips
gold colored

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