Our first honey harvest by Buchbindermeister

Our new employees have settled down very well. No wonder because of the natural lawn on our operational facility. It is just perfect for the bees and other insects. Do you want to arrange your garden bee friendly? More information’s here.  
Under this perfect conditions the pollution work of the bees can be done easy lee and the pickup of nectar and production of honey is not hard at all. So the beekeeper was able to harvest our first honey in the last weeks. The frames inside the beehive were good installed by our bees and filled with honey. After our beekeeper we will get some kilogram of honey. 

 As you can see the bees were busy.  The frame is well filled

The honey-filled frames are ready for transport So that the bees do not miss the honey too much they get food
And that´s good, because we had the chance to taste our honey and we are excited. A little sidefact: did you knew that honey is not always sweet and tasty? Some pollen provide that the honey is musty than sweet and tasty. The bees just go for own specifically pollen and when they get this one the honey is inedible. 
But luckily our honey from Buchbindermeister is very tasty. After the harvest through the beekeeper, the honey has to be spin around to get them out of the honeycombs. After that it will be bottled in jars. 
When this is done, you can enjoy the taste of our honey all by yourself. We love to give your order a jar of our Buchbindermeisterhoney. Of course we keep you in touch regarding our bees and honeyproduction. 
More information’s to our project Be(e) responsible here.


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