Be(e) responsible - Show responsibility and support the local bee populations

„Save the bees!“


With this call was televised the topic that bees are dying at an alarming rate but still the public awareness is relatively low. 
We from put in our mandatory to inform about the enormous importance of these little assistants. Furthermore we want to support our local bee population and call everybody for their help.
“When the bee disappears from earth, the human got 4 years left to life. No bees anymore, no pollination anymore, no plants anymore, no animals anymore, no humans anymore.”
Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist
It is unbelievable but true. These little nondescript Insect plays a huge role in the worldwide ecological system of our planet.
Bees pollinate around 80% of the local crops.
So the bee produces an economic benefit of 2 billion €.

It is not just about honey, it is more the nutrition of the whole mankind.
Without these little assistants our ecosystem would take dramatically consequences. The decrease of the natural pollination through bees would lead to as good as a renunciation of products like apples, cherries, pears, tomatoes and so on. The food for farming animals get shorter and the meat production quantity would get lower. The natural pollination by bee’s can´t be replaced by any other methods. An extinction would have global consequences for everyone.
Unfortunately the dying rate of bees increases more and more.
The cultivation of mono cultures and profitable crops lead to a species loss on the fields and thus means a loss of food for the bees and a high rate of dying in the winter. Not just the quantity even the diversity of the food offer is important for the bees. The bigger the offer and diversity the better the immune system get of the insects.
This is very important because of the increasing use of diverse pesticides in the whole EU their immune system suffers and get whacker which lead to get prone for mites and parasites. A whack bee population can barely survive when it is infested by pests.
To counteract against the lack of bees more and more bees are imported and exported.This in turn benefits a bringing in of diseases against our bees don’t have a chance. 
Top priority has to be to support our local bee population.
Sustainability, Climate protection and a general better environmental awareness are important than never before and in the time of Climate change, global warming and our consume behaviour it plays a big role for our future generations.

Because they have the same right of a green and healthy planet. Bees have a big impact in this case. That is why we want to help and want to encourage you to help.
Everybody can affect something – even with small things!
True to the motto be(e) responsible we want to take responsibility for our environment and give the nature something back. Therefore we have given a bee population a new home on our company premises to prevent the decrease of the bee population.

The beehive on our company property

The start ramp from the little frequent flyer

The inside of the beehive


The Company BeeRent makes it possible for company’s and private persons to rent or take care of a bee population.
Hereby the bee population stays at the place from the lessee. The maintenance of the bees is done by professional beekeepers and the earned honey stays can keep the lessee.
Our customers can enjoy a produced honey from our region by their order as a sweat gift.




If you don’t have any space for an own bee population you have the opportunity to have a partnership.  
Everybody can help!

But even beside the renting and a partnership of bees everybody can take part of it and help our environment.

Don’t follow the stone garden trend and plant classical some flowers and bushes in the garden or the balcony to give bees a place to land and food.





Let your lawn grow a little bit longer to give bees a place for food in form of blossoms.
Tinker or buy an insect hotel, to give wild bees a home and a place to survie the winter.
Buy honey from your local beekeepers to support them and to prevent a bring in of unknown diseases from bees out of another country which are dangerous for our local bees.
If you have imported honey at home please wash the empty glas carefully. Our local bees might get sick from pests out of another country.
At the end of May in this year you can sign the "Safe the bees" petition. It is about to decrease the use of pesticide and to support more ecological room for bees. We keep you up to date in this topic.
It is on us to take care of the bees and there survival.
For us and our children.
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